Inverclyde Child Protection Committee training is available free of charge to anyone working with children/young people or parents within Inverclyde.  

The aims of our training are to :-

  • Support professionals from different agencies to work effectively together to protect children
  • Help professionals keep up to date with relevant legislation, research, good practice and guidance
  • Ensure staff are effectively and relevantly trained to protect children

Our courses are linked to the National Framework for Child Protection Learning and Development in Scotland 2012.  The framework identifies three workforce groups, the General Workforce defined as those who have no specific role with children and young people but who may come into contact them via their workplace (eg visiting a home as a tradesperson); the specific workforce, defined as those who may have regular contact with children and young people via their workplace but are not involved in intensive support (eg most nursery staff, most health workers); the Intensive contact workforce, those who have specific designated responsibilities for child protection issues (social workers, professionals undertaking therapeutic work). Each of these groups requireseach of which requires different competencies, knowledge and skills. 

To find out more about the framework and how it is being implemented in Inverclyde download our Learning and Development Framework Briefing.  Word documents listing the competencies, knowledge and skills for each workforce group are also available to download from the documents box.

As well as our programme of training courses we offer briefing sessions on topical issues.   


Details of the courses currently available.

  • Assessment of Care neglect training
  • Child Protection Awareness Level 1
  • Neglect Training for the General Workforce
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Everyone has a story (Children affected by parental substance use)
  • RIC (domestic abuse) training
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child Sexual Exploitation

Please contact for further details

Online training

As the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered face to face training (except in very limited circumstances) unsafe for now, practitioners can access a range of online training. Please see the links below.

Scottish Drugs Forum

FASD training document to to right hand side of page.

Trauma informed practice

National Risk Framework Risk Indicator tools

Child Sexual Exploitation

Keeping Children Safer online

Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Act 2019

Practical tools for aiding work with children and young people

The chronology resource in now on youtube – access via this link

Child Poverty Action Group Scotland has a range of online training (delivered by trainers) and e-learning (self led). They have an e-learning course useful for social workers called

`Supporting hard up families’ – this is available at any time

And a training course `Care experienced young people and the benefits system’.

As well as a range of other advice re accessing benefits.

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