Policies and Procedures

Download Inverclyde Child Protection Committee Polices and Procedures from this page.

NB the Interagency Child Protection procedures are only available as a web document.  Please follow the link at the bottom right hand side of this page.  Here you will also find a link to the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland. 

From this page you can also download the NHSGGC & Inverclyde Council Information Sharing Protocol.  


  • Working with Resistance (2016)
  • Responding to Identified Concerns of Child Exploitation (2016)
  • Fabricated or Induced Illness - Multi-Agency Guidance for Practitioners and Managers (2016)
  • Children and Young People Affected by Parental Drug or Alcohol Misuse "Getting our priorities right" Protocol (revised 2015)
  • Significant Case Review Operational Protocol
  • Gambling Act 2005 - Policy on Protection of Children from Harm
  • Domestic Abuse Protocol (revised 2015)
  • Domestic Abuse Practice Guidelines (revised 2012)
  • Information for those affected by domestic abuse
  • Risk management for children and young people with problem sexual behaviour - framework and protocol (revised 2011)
  • Interagency Guidance for Child Trafficking (revised 2015)
  • Trafficking Assessment (revised 2012)
  • Working with Uncooperative Families
  • Arrangements for Child Protection Medicals
  • Adult Protection / Child Protection Interface :- Multiagency Guidelines (published 2012)
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Guidance on Best Practice (revised 2013)     
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Practitioner Guidance     
  • Child Protection & Children in Need; Joint working between Inverclyde Child Protection Committee and Social Housing Providers
  • Adult Protection and Adult in Need; Joint working between Inverclyde Child Protection Committee and Social Housing Providers
  • Responding to Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence - Multiagency Guidance (revised January 2016)
  • Best Practice With Families with Adult Mental Health and Child Protection or Child Wellbeing Needs
  • Multiagency working in complex cases

    Watch this space for publication of new polices, procedures, protocols and best practice guidance.


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