Practitioner Portfolio on Working with Resistance

West of Scotland CP consortium logoThis portfolio provides a suite of support material for all those working to improve outcomes for children where there is parental resistance, non-engagement or non-compliance.

The materials aim to help staff:-
• Recognise and understand resistance, non-engagement and non-compliance
• Become skilled and confident to work with these issues directly, in partnership with families
• Recognise and effectively manage the impact of parental resistance, non-engagement or non-compliance on developing and implementing the Child’s Plan
• Recognise and effectively manage the impact of resistance, non-engagement or non-compliance on them as individuals and teams around the child

The portfolio includes information and guidance for frontline practitioners and their managers and for those responsible for policy and planning. It also includes training materials, links to online support material and a synopsis of suggested resources that could be purchased to supplement the portfolio.

The portfolio has been developed within the Getting It Right for Every Child framework and, as such, will complement existing policy and practice in children’s services.

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