Child Exploitation Protocol for Inverclyde

Inverclyde Child Protection Committee has issued a local protocol 'Responding to Identified Concerns of Child Exploitation'.

Addressing the exploitation of children, particularly Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), is a priority area for Inverclyde Child Protection Committee.  The development and publication of this protocol is one element of a wider programme of work to prevent and reduce the risk of exploitation, to intervene and support young people who have experienced exploitation and to successfully prosecute or disrupt the behaviour of perpetrators

This protocol for frontline practitioners outlines the Inverclyde way of working when there are concerns around the exploitation of children and young people. It provides a referral pathway that links with wellbeing need and child protection and gives additional information around support services.

The protocol is supported by the Child Sexual Exploitation Practitioner’s Resource Pack produced by Barnardo’s on behalf of the West of Scotland Child Protection Committee Chairs Consortium and published on the Practitioner's page of this website.


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