We Care! We Listen! We Act!

We Care! We Listen! We Act!The “We Care, We Listen, We Act” campaign was launched in 2015.  It aims to promote children and young people’s rights to be safe and protected from harm, while supporting and encouraging pupils to play an active part in looking out for their friends and being responsible citizens. 

We Care! We Listen! We Act!
Things children and young people can do:
• Be a good friend and a responsible citizen
• Look out for your friends and class mates - talk to them
• Support and encourage your friends to seek help
• If you are worried about your friend, speak to an adult you trust (Head Teacher, Teacher, parent/carer)
• Contact Childline for free advice – phone 0800 1111

Things parents can do:
If your child tells you they are worried about a friend
• Treat your child’s concerns seriously
• Listen to what they have to say
• Discuss what to do to help
• If you are worried that a child’s wellbeing is at risk talk to someone (their parent, Head Teacher, Teacher or Social Work Services)

Please spread the message as far and as wide as possible. 

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