Inverclyde Child Protection Committee

Speak Out

Speak OutYou’re worried about speaking out…. How scared do you think she is?

Children in Inverclyde have the right to be safe and protected from harm.

The 2014 Child Protection campaign aims to encourage members of the public and those who work with children or young people to play their part to keep them safe.

We know that some people are anxious about reporting concerns to social work or to the police. They may be worried that they don’t have enough evidence or they may be wrong to have concerns or they may think that nothing will be done.

We would urge anyone who has a concern about child abuse or neglect not to leave it too late. The agencies and organisations represented on the Child Protection Committee are committed to listening to concerns, whoever raises them. They will check things out and take appropriate action when this is required.

Anne spoke to the head teacher when she became concerned that her son's classmate only ate crisps for lunch every day. He followed this up and the family are now getting help to ensure they get the benefits they are entitled to, while the child now gets a free school meal every day.

Mary spoke to her health visitor as her neighbours young children wandered the street alone at night, and appeared to be left home alone at the weekend. The children were being emotionally and physically neglected, and went to live with their grandmother while services helped their parents sort things out.

Alison phoned the police when her niece broke down in tears and told her that her dad touched her privates and told her it was their secret. The police and social work are now investigating and the dad has moved into a friends house for now.

Bob spoke to the duty social worker after his sons friend told him he was scared to go home because his dad would be drunk and might hit his mum. It turned out his family had a social worker who was able to speak to the friend, and checked that everything was ok at home.

(situations above are examples and do not relate to specific cases)

If you have a concern that a child may be being abused or neglected call Inverclyde CHCP (Social Work Services) on 01475 714100, out of hours call 0800 811505 or contact the police on 101 or 999 if urgent assistance is required.

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